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WELCOME! Tiny houses designed to be minimal and sustainable are waiting for you!
A different life in nature with a minimalist design
You dream
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You can reach us 24/7


We work with a professional team composed of architects and engineers.


ERACO Construction, Industry and Trade Ltd. offers aesthetics, quality, and the blessings of modern life in a minimal life.

A personalized design is made.

An Unlimited Life with Era Tiny House

Would you like to say hi to freedom with Era Tiny House? Tiny houses offer nature lovers to wake up to nature's peaceful melody and realize the rare moments of life.

What is Era Tiny House?

Providing the privilege of living all four seasons together with its wheeled models. The tiny house creates a unique opportunity for you to experience the natural beauties of world to the fullest. By this way, your holidays are not limited to the weekend, but can last for many years. Thanks to its efficient underground structure.

Features of Era Tiny House

The minimalist tiny house seduces those with fine taste with its aesthetic appearance. The tiny house seduces those with fine taste with its aesthetic appearance. With its impressive architecture and surprising simplicity, it is ahead of its rivals in the city. It is much simpler than you think to maintain a healthy working environment by breathing clean air away from noise pollution and adding a new one to your joy and discoveries. Tiny houses are designed by professional architects and engineers. Their weight varies between 750 and 3500 kg depending on the model. It is legally classified as a caravan type vehicle with license plate and license by the Directorate of Highways. Because of this, it can be positioned in a desired area without the need for a zoning permit. If the place where the house will be located is smooth and hard, settlement can be achieved without the need to take any precautions. Apart from that, it is beneficial to level the ground and cover it with a crushed stone type material. The most important precaution to be taken is to balance the jacks at the corners of the vehicle by opening them.

Prices of Era Tiny House

Budget-friendly Era Tiny House continues to be the favorite of nature lovers in terms of house prices. Moreover, solar panels that can be added to make it possible to save energy. It is guaranteed for 2 years for all damage not caused by weight overload and abuse. Era Tiny House also provides transportation services to all provinces within the borders of Turkey. In addition, those who want to carry out the shipping process themselves can easily transport their homes, even with their passenger cars.

Models of Era Tiny House

  • Sim tiny house is the model with the most minimal design among other houses in terms of measurements. Especially useful for those living alone and families without children. Sim tiny house attracts travelers with its place in the price list and the advantages it provides. It is very easy to keep the space cool and warm during the season.
  • The Kumsal tiny house is the middle size of the other models in terms of measurements. It is the favorite of those who need a holiday with its terrace pleasure. Compared to summer houses, the beach tiny house puts a smile on the faces of people who think that they deserve a long and enjoyable break with its price advantages.
  • Lal tiny house is the largest/widest design among other houses in terms of measurements. It is an indispensable choice for those who want to combine the home environment of city life with nature. It is an extraordinary opportunity for those who enjoy being together with their loved ones.
Please review before you buy Sim tiny house.
Please review before you buy Kumsal tiny house.
Please review before you buy Lal tiny house.
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