Peace in Nature


Tiny home trailers are equipped with the worldwide O2 certificate, double axel, CE certificate, ISO 9001-14001-TSE quality certificate (four load tires from group C), brakes, direction indicator, and stop lights. The vehicle is equipped with a license and license plate and has a carrying capacity of 3500 kg. We use light steel frames on O2 certified trailers in our models.

A roof made of 0.07 mm galvanized sheet metal with a standing seam. Exterior cladding also features a standing seam roof. Other components in the architecture include Thermowood impregnated pine paneling or unique PVC paneling guaranteed for fifteen years. The manufacturer has the authority to innovate and substitute materials used in external decoration. The walls and ceiling are insulated with Knauf mineral wool, which has a Lamb coefficient of 37. Furthermore, three millimeters of foam insulation is used in addition to the mineral wool insulation.

For interior walls and ceilings, we use MDF with wallpaper, MDF paneling, or Boardex with water-based paint dependent on customer demand.

8mm laminate flooring is utilized. The bathroom floor is covered with waterproof material.

MDF has been utilized for the ergonomic kitchen project. A durable laminate countertop is accompanied by a high-quality metal chrome dish sink and faucet.

The shower will be lined with high-quality ceramic or SPC on the floor and walls, and the highest-quality shower tray, shower cabin, and shower set will be fitted as the built-in washbasin.

Cabinets are installed in adequate quantities as specified in the project, including under the stair steps. Specifically, cabinets with coat racks in the form of open shelves are installed on the loft floor.

The design incorporates stairs and railings.  Under the stairs, there are cupboards, drawers, and open shelves suitable for the project. Railings are utilized as either glass or timber railings.

Filtered water flows in from a specific point and is distributed to a kitchen and a bathroom through hidden pipes. All materials are TS-certified for the implementation of hot water and wastewater installations.
Furthermore, as per the project specifications, a compact water heater is placed inside the cabinet. All faucets, sinks, and basins utilized are made of high-quality materials such as ECA, Artema, or equivalent.

The electrical setup includes an adequate number of switches and sockets, with 2.5 TS cables placed throughout. A fuse center is established, and power input is supplied from one central point. LED lighting is utilized together with a flush-mounted electrical system that includes fireproof cables, pipes, fuses, and a free current relay. LED lighting is present throughout, with both concealed and exposed fixtures, operated by either a remote control or a stationary switch, depending on the specific project. A plumbing pipe will also be installed for the air conditioning system.

All windows are high-quality EGE PVC windows from brands like Firatpen, Vinsa, and Pimapen, as specified in the project. It will be applied in anthracite or a project-appropriate color.

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