Can Solar Panels Be Added to Era Tiny House?
It can be calculated and added depending on which of your electrical appliances in ERA Tiny House you want to run with solar panels.
What kind of vehicle do we need to tow Era Tiny House?
The ERA Tiny House is designed by balancing its weight and with engineering controls during construction. In other words, you can easily tow an ERA House with your passenger car. All vehicles with a towing capacity of 3500 kg are suitable for ERA Tiny Houses. You will need a 4x4 vehicle on steep ramps and slopes.
To Which Cities/ Countries Do You Ship Era Tiny House?
We work worldwide, excluding shipping costs in our prices. The buyer can do the shipping himself/herself. However, due to experience, we recommend that we agree on the shipping price and have it done by the seller.
Is Zoning Permit Required to Put Era Tiny House on any place?
Tiny House is a vehicle with an approval certificate, a license plate, and is legally a "caravan" according to the highway regulations. In other words, it is not subject to the Zoning Law, but to the Highway Traffic Law. It is licensed. Therefore, ERA Tiny House® can be placed on the land in the desired zoning plan without legally requiring a zoning permit.
What should we do on the ground before placing Era Tiny House?
The floor of ERA Tiny House® should be leveled, and gravel-type material should be laid on the area to be placed. Precautions should be taken against sitting. If the ground is smooth and hard, no action is required. The corners of the vehicle must be leveled by opening the jacks.
How long is Era Tiny House's warranty?
The ERA Tiny House is guaranteed for 2 years without over-weight or abuse.
What legal procedure is required to move Era Tiny House elsewhere?
To move an ERA Tiny House from one location to another, you must have an annual TÜV approval, have a license plate, and have a "BE" class license as per the new Highway Regulations. However, the vehicle you want to tow must have a tow bar attached and this tow bar must be registered on your license. If you wish, you can request shipping from our company.
What are you doing (as a company) to get the license for Era Tiny House?
ERA Tiny House is an internationally competent caravan manufacturer that produces and certifies European norms with a "Type Approval Certificate." In this way, every product produced has the official license to go on the highways as a caravan with a license plate and license permit, as required by our company's competence. Our company provides you with the O2 certificate as internationally approved (ISO 9001:14001-TSE).
How do you provide heating in an Era Tiny House?
Air conditioners and electric heaters can be used in places where electricity is obtained from the grid, or generators can be used to produce sufficient voltage. In places where you have electricity problems or as an alternative to electric heating, a diesel heater (Vebasto) can be used. Again, after the appropriate insulation details are made, tiny wood stoves and propane stoves are frequently used.
How do you ensure the security of the Era Tiny House?
Security is related to the situation where you will place your ERA House. If you think the place is secure, there may be no need for precautions. However, according to the demands, protection elements can be placed on the doors and windows. In addition, mobile security systems can be installed; it is also possible to take precautions with the camera and siren system.
How much does the Era Tiny House weigh?
Although the weights of ERA Houses vary from model to model, they vary between 750 kg and 3500 kg (O2 certified).
How is the wastewater drain solved in the Era Tiny House?
The wastewater drain differs according to the place where you will use it. A connection to the sewer network can be made. If you are going to stay in a place for a long time, it can be solved with ready-made septic tanks. In more mobile situations, wastewater tanks can be used in vehicles such as caravans and boats.
How is clean water supplied in the Era Tiny House?
Clean water can be supplied by connecting to a network, if any, or by filling water tanks of various sizes with transportable water.
How do we buy and sell the Era Tiny House?
It is a vehicle with a license plate (it is a trailer). You can carry out buying and selling transactions from a notary public as you would for a normal vehicle transfer.
Does Era Tiny House have any taxes?
ERA House is not subject to MTV as it does not have an engine. However, a valid inspection must be carried out while cruising on the highways. When you do not want to go to the highways, you can remove your license plate from the traffic (notary public) and thereby remove the obligation to go to the annual inspection.
Can you live in the Era Tiny House in the summer and winter?
Tiny house models with wheels are very suitable for use in summer and winter. It is equipped with the necessary insulation and isolation systems according to cold and hot climates. In addition, all equipment is adapted to the wheelhouse model.
How long does it take to deliver the Era Tiny House after ordering?
You can get it between 60 and 90 days, depending on your agreement.
Do Era Tiny House®'s tires have a feature?
The tires carrying the ERA House are Type C load tires.
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